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Read the reviews for Gardening Service Manchester and see what our customers have to say about us. As a local gardening company, we're committed to delivering the services local people and businesses need. But it's easy for us to say that, so check out our feedback and judge for yourself:


Reviewed by James Brown on Sep 4, 2015

I would recommend this company to anyone looking for professional surgeons. We needed a tree removed as it was overhanging the roof, blocking the light and looking rather unsafe. It was a tricky job in a confined space. I was impressed at the careful considered approach the team took. The work has been completed, the office is much brighter and considering the time it took to do everything safely, the price for the work was very reasonable.


Reviewed by Kirk Ulrich on Sep 2, 2015

Wow! I'm amazed how much difference it's possible to make to a garden in less than a day. It was such a jungle when we moved in a few weeks ago and I really didn't know where to start. The team who came in really blitzed the place and it looks so much better. I'm planning to continue using the company for a few more months to really get on top of things, but I'm also using the gardeners as teachers. In the end I hope I'll be able to take over most of the work myself.


Reviewed by Robert Pheps on Aug 12, 2015

We've been using Gardening Service Manchester for our lawn care for three months and I'm very pleased with the work so far. The grass had been rather neglected. On our first meeting the gardeners explained that the only way to fix it instantly was to totally take up the grass and relay turf. Not something we were keen on, so we chose the route of regular care and waiting for the improvements to show over time. The lawn already looks so much better and I would recommend the company.

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