Book Travis's Professional Patio Cleaning in Manchester

Keep your hard landscaping clean and bright to show off your planting to its best advantage. Call us for fast, efficient patio cleaning in Manchester. Travis's Team will work in your private garden, your rental properties, or in the outdoor areas around your commercial buildings. In less time that you'd expect our expert technicians will blast away dirt, grime, moss, algae, and even weeds. You'll be left with hard surfaces that look great and are safe underfoot.

Set Up Jet Washing for All Exterior Surfaces

It's not just patios. Jet washing in Manchester is suitable for walls, for garden furniture, for decking, and even for your caravan or awning. Bring everything together and get the whole lot cleaned in a single session:

  • Call us, chat to us, or fill in our contact form - We're around 24/7, so you'll get an immediate response however you get in touch.
  • Request a free quote - This will be based on the total surface area of the items you'd like cleaned, and includes all equipment use.
  • Book your service for any day of the week - Even on a bank holiday or weekend.
  • Get qualified and certified professionals for your work - And we use industrial grade machines for faster, deeper cleaning.
  • Choose a chemical-free cleaning system - The power of our jet washers means that all we use is water, so there's no toxic run-off.

Travis's Patio Cleaning Services Delivered By Trained Technicians

Book your patio cleaning service in Manchester on its own when that's all you need. Alternatively, combine it with other garden maintenance, or even renovate your old paths and patio to complement your new garden design. When you combine different services you may even be offered a discounted overall price.

When your patio cleaners arrive they'll start by assessing all the items you'd like cleaned. If there's anything that's unsuitable for jet cleaning, walls with unsound windows for instance, they'll tell you and offer an alternative cleaning method. Your technicians will also check the areas where cleaning is to take place to ensure that there's sufficient drainage for water.

Once the safely considerations are dealt with your cleaners will connect the power washer to a suitable water supply. An outside tap is preferred but when necessary we can use your kitchen or bathroom supply. We'll clean:

  • Patios – Constructed of natural stone or slabs.
  • Paving, garden paths, and driveways - Of brick, concrete or tarmac.
  • Fences – All types of fence panels including wood, metal, or plastic panelling.
  • Decking – Any types of decking.
  • Garden furniture - Made of wood, stone, or plastic.
  • Walls – up to 2 meters in height.

When Travis's Team use jet cleaning to remove weeds from paving or slabs we'll finish off by putting kiln dried sand between any cracks to prevent weed regrowth.

Security and Quality from Gardening Service Manchester

Any work you ask of Gardening Service Manchester will be completed by reference and CRB-vetted employees. They'll arrive in a smart-looking uniform and they'll be carrying identification. We use top quality equipment, so you'll get deeper cleaning than you'd achieve with less powerful domestic power washers.Your jet washing team will have been trained and certified in the use of the equipment we supply them with. You'll get the best possible results, in the least possible time, and for a great price too.

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