Find Specialists for Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing in Manchester

Keeping grass lush and green takes a degree of know-how, a wide range of tools and a surprising amount of time. Or... give Travis's Expert staff a shout and we'll take over your grass care and lawn mowing in Manchester. You'll never have to spend a Sunday cutting the grass. You won't need to buy or store expensive equipment. And you'll have a perfect green area that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Use Gardening Service Manchester for your private garden and for commercial and rental properties too.

Year-Round Lawn Care Service in Manchester

It's not just a case of knowing what to do. Knowing when to do it is just as important. The experts who deliver your lawn care services in Manchester work with nature's rhythms. Your grass will always get the right treatment for the season. Set it all up in a single contact:

  • Our phone line is staffed 24/7 - Call us anytime, get in touch through our live chat facility, or just fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you.
  • Your grass is cut using compact petrol driven mowers - Access isn't a problem, and we don't need an electricity supply.
  • Our teams work seven days a week - So arrange your lawn care for any day that suits you.
  • Request a free quote - Lawn mowing is an hourly based service, you'll only pay for the time we spend working on your lawn.
  • Get free advice - Our lawn care experts will do it all, or give you lots of tips on how to care for and improve your grass.

Your Manchester Gardeners Are Fully Skilled in All Aspects of Lawn Care

Lawn care is just one of the things on offer from Gardening Service Manchester. Book us for your grass cutting, and for anything from weeding and pruning to patio cleaning too. Combine several services and you may qualify for a reduction in the overall rate for your work.

Some of the tasks we'll undertake in keeping your lawn in top condition include:

  • Mowing - We'll make sure your grass is kept to the right length for the time of year.
  • Lawn edging - Using a strimmer or edging tool, for that smart finish that distinguishes a professional job.
  • Aeration - The quality of your grass will suffer if the lawn bed is compacted. We'll introduce air into the soil to improve both root and top growth.
  • Top dressing - Using a soil and sand mix to feed and refresh your lawn.
  • Lawn repair - Overseeding to fill in bald patches, and fertilising to encourage growth.

Reliable Lawn Maintenance from Travis's Local Gardening Company

Your lawn maintenance work will be completed by expert gardeners from a well established local gardening company.

We supply top of the range equipment. This contributes to the quality of results you get, and means that we work quickly and efficiently. We keep costs down and maximise the value you get for your money.

Our staff are reference vetted before starting work. Count on trustworthy individuals who're committed to working hard at every gardening session. Our reliability goes beyond the individuals who come to do your work....

We'll make sure you always get the services you need. Sometimes your usual gardener will go on holiday. When he does we'll provide a replacement service so your garden will always be cared for.

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